The Powers That B
Studio album
Death Grips
Released March 31, 2015
Length 80:45
Genre Experimental hip hop, glitch hop, rapcore, wonky, rap rock, experimental rock, noise rock, industrial hip hop
Label Third Worlds, Harvest
Producer Death Grips
Singles Inanimate Sensation
Previous Album Fashion Week

The Powers That B is the fourth studio album by experimental hip hop group Death Grips, and it is a double album. The album is split into two parts, Niggas on the Moon (released June 8, 2014) and Jenny Death (released March 31, 2015).

Track ListingEdit

Disc 1: Niggas on the MoonEdit

  1. Up My Sleeves
  2. Billy Not Really
  3. Black Quarterback
  4. Say Hey Kid
  5. Have a Sad Cum (A.K.A. Have a Sad Cum BB)
  6. Fuck Me Out
  7. Voila
  8. Big Dipper

Disc 2: Jenny DeathEdit

  1. I Break Mirrors With My Face in the United States
  2. Inanimate Sensation
  3. Turned Off
  4. Why a Bitch Gotta Lie
  5. Pss Pss
  6. The Powers That B
  7. Beyond Alive
  8. Centuries of Damn
  9. On GP
  10. Death Grips 2.0 (not on vinyl edition)

Disc 1: Niggas on the Moon


Disc 2: Jenny Death